Handmade Ceramic Plates

Handmade Ceramic Plates Tunisia is known for its numerous


, which enjoy great support from the government and provide employment to over 120,000 people. Each region of the country specializes in a certain trade; Nabeul and Djerba are famous for their ceramics. The

ceramic plates

< from these regions are 100% made and decorated by hand, using rich colors and traditional motifs inspired by the Islamic tradition, based on geometric forms, foliate shapes (arabesque style) and some figural representations of both fantastic and real animals. In some way, it replicates the antique pottery discovered during the excavation of Roman, Punic and Islamic ruins. The artisans, producing these items, apply a great deal of passion and dexterity. Needless to say that a handmade gift, such as this, will not only add an exotic ambiance to any interior, but will also provide great decoration to the food served in it, being colorful and lead-free. These magnificent articles are available in various designs and sizes, and can be found in the outskirts of the Medina Arbi, in downtown Tunis.
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