Handmade Bag/Couffa

A large range of


, specifically designed to ensure ultimate satisfaction in day-to-day use, is an adaptation of Tunisian

traditional baskets

, made entirely of plant fibers, fashionable, and economic, besides being environmentally friendly - a gesture against the abusive use of plastic bags which have largely invaded our kitchens, rivers and environment in general. Couffa basket can accompany you wherever you go, be it shopping, picnicking, or making a daring escape to the beach, or simply to hold your cosmetics. With well-chosen colors and hand-made charm, these baskets can make a nice addition to your attire, assuring maximum comfort and ergonomics for your hands and arms. Inside the basket, or handbag for that matter, there are glossed pockets to hold your personal papers, notes or other important stuff. These

handmade bags

make for excellent gifts, although most customers tend to keep a basket or two for themselves! All made of natural materials – palm leaf, reed, raffia and elephant grass, the bags are 100% recyclable and use biodegradable bubble wrap with recyclable brown paper. The tape is water-based acrylic adhesive which is also better for the environment. The Couffa is found in most every household across Tunisia. To find the best of the best option, go to Art de Tunisie. You can also order online, if that is more suitable for you.
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