Handmade Chess Set

Handmade Chess Set
Lovely Tunisian

two-tone chess set/coffee table

comprises a board hand-carved out of a piece of olive wood, which makes it rather unique, as none of its elements can be fully replicated. This, in turn, add some truly stunning twist to the habitual black-and-white chess set. Sure to become the focal point of the interior, wherever you put it, the scrolling edges of the table show off the richness of the olive-wood grain. The surface has a fine finish that is silky smooth to the touch. The veins in the chess board are a deep black, brown and cream; no two items are alike.Appreciate the fine workmanship that went into carving of each square on the board and each individual game figure! A handy feature are the two little drawers on the opposite ends of the board, useful for the times when the game stretches on for days and no one wants to lose their opponents' pieces already won. Further to being a game board, it can also be used as a small table that can be dismantled into three parts (base, stand and top) for easy storing. As for the maintenance, it is only limited to the occasional rinse of the wood with olive oil.
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