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Empty glass pocket Takhlila model

empty pocket: glass plate with painting with a transparent appearance, traditional Tunisian motifs.

CAD 36.30

Empty glass pocket carpet model

Empty glass pocket, decorated with the patterns of Tunisian artisanal rugs, handmade.

CAD 56.45

Empty pocket circular fish model

2 circular artisanal plates with fish motifs, Tunisian homemade model. The packaging is purely handmade.

CAD 80.60

Glass candle holder

Hand painted glass candle holder. Homemade, handcrafted candle holder.

CAD 91.35

Traditional arabesque table

Traditional arabesque painting, painted on 100% handmade glass.

CAD 147.80

Empty glass pocket fish model

Empty pocket: glass plate with painting having a transparent appearance with special circling for the designed patterns.

CAD 34.95

Arabesque empty pocket

Glass arabesque empty pocket, decorative glass dish.

CAD 99.45

Empty glass pocket door traditional

Empty pocket: glass plate with a beautiful painting of a traditional Tunisian door with a transparent look with a special hinge for the designed patterns.

CAD 37.65

Empty glass pocket with patterns traditional mosaic

Empty pocket: glass plate with a beautiful painting of different traditional Tunisian symbols. 100% hand-made.

CAD 32.25

Glass painting

is a difficult artistic technique that is performed directly on a sheet of glass. Glass supports paint like a canvas. Soldered to the glass, it is through this support that we contemplate the work. Glass thus serves both as a support and as a protective varnish.
The technique: Transparent half-double 4mm glass baked at a temperature of 800 ° on a ceramic mold to have the shape. The paint above is a special stained-glass product on glass having a transparent appearance with a special framing for the designed patterns.
The packatging is purely handmade by a fairly rigid 1200 gram cardboard box cut, folded and covered by a paper consonant with colors of your choice according to the model of the glass so that the whole is harmonious.

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