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Empty glass pocket Takhlila model

empty pocket: glass plate with painting with a transparent appearance, traditional Tunisian motifs.

CAD 36.25

Empty glass pocket carpet model

Empty glass pocket, decorated with the patterns of Tunisian artisanal rugs, handmade.

CAD 56.40

Empty pocket circular fish model

2 circular artisanal plates with fish motifs, Tunisian homemade model. The packaging is purely handmade.

CAD 80.55

Empty glass pocket door traditional

Empty pocket: glass plate with a beautiful painting of a traditional Tunisian door with a transparent look with a special hinge for the designed patterns.

CAD 37.60

The Routine Hydra-Max "GOLD PETALS"

Our new line of Pétales d'Or expert anti-aging treatments containing: Hydra-Glow cleansing and make-up removing foam, Hydra-lift hydrating and plumping mask, Hydra-Boost skin booster with hyaluronic acid, Elixir anti-wrinkle regenerating serum -Lift.

CAD 389.15

Mirror with traditional carpet design

Mirror with handmade box, with design of a traditional carpet. This mirror is designed with love for the identity and rich heritage of Tunisia. Our mirror is available in three colors: Green, red and beige.

CAD 118.10

Sailing fishing boat

Fishing boat with a typical Mediterranean sail. Its stability in the water makes it a perfect boat for fishing. The first builders of this boat are in Mahdia (Sahel of Tunisia - Mediterranean area). Boat with handmade box gift idea.

CAD 67.10

The ship of the Nineteenth century - Handmade

Handcrafted model of the Kalber 'Flying Cloud' ship (United States). The first trip was scheduled in 1851 and is approximately 72 meters long.

CAD 343.55

Gift ideas from

What should I offer? We have heard this question hundreds of times, and have come to the conclusion: enough is enough! Finding an

original handmade gift

is a great way to make loved ones, friends and family happy. But how do you find THE right idea? The search for the

ideal gift

based on the recipient and the occasion can become overwhelming, even exhausting. That's when Krokoo comes in.
For Christmas or a birthday, we have brought together the expertise of many talents and well-made brains, to make ideas big or small, funny or cute,

original gift ideas

and adapted. In addition, our offer is fed daily by new ideas.

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