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Rebab - Musical instrument - Unique piece

The rabab is a musical instrument used by the Arabs, the Turks and the Persians in the past, and its origins go back to pre-Christian times for the Berbers in Suss, Morocco. It is made of simple tools available to the people of the desert, such as the wood of trees. The instrument is very small and light. The body is often just a simple stick, which passes through a wooden (square or convex or round) or coconut resonator.

CAD 116.75

Sailing fishing boat

Fishing boat with a typical Mediterranean sail. Its stability in the water makes it a perfect boat for fishing. The first builders of this boat are in Mahdia (Sahel of Tunisia - Mediterranean area). Boat with handmade box gift idea.

CAD 67.10

The Oud - Musical instrument - Unique piece

The oud is the most popular instrument in the Arab world, also known as the short-necked lute. Its name comes from 'al’ud' which means “wood”, which certainly marks the novelty of the wooden soundboard, in a tradition of skin soundboards. It has an almond or pear shaped bass drum (pear-shaped). The body originally carved from a block of wood with the handle and two half-moon shaped gills is an assembly of glued ribs. The short, narrow handle allows three or four positions. The peg is generally curved backwards (less than the lute). The ankles are arranged on the sides. The aloe wood soundboard now has one large and two small rosettes (gills).

CAD 159.70

The ship of the Nineteenth century - Handmade

Handcrafted model of the Kalber 'Flying Cloud' ship (United States). The first trip was scheduled in 1851 and is approximately 72 meters long.

CAD 343.55